Young Poet is an independent label, based in London, UK. Founded by Hugh Worskett and Will Frank in 2018, our goal has always been to support artists in their creativity and help them establish careers on sustainable terms. We saw too many artists struggling to be heard and saw a different way of doing things that we’ve pursued doggedly ever since.

We’re uncompromising in our view of music as art and its transformative power. We don’t believe in music as “utility”, and the commoditisation of art is never inevitable. That’s not what artists want and it’s not what music fans want. Great music is precious and should be treasured. The artists responsible should be celebrated.

Our artists have unique voices with something meaningful to say. We believe musical culture is a richer place for their contributions and are here to champion them. We’re proud torchbearers for their art, working hard to amplify their voices whilst bringing fans great music that matters.